Fruit & Veg

We select only the best and freshest produce 5 days a week from the local markets in Belfast, arriving at 5am to ensure we get the freshest deliveries from all around the world and of course the best that is locally available.

Our fruit and veg team have over 100 years combined experience. Our USP is held in our expertise of selecting the best product at the right time of year. We strive to champion only the freshest local produce in season. That means we avoid promoting out of season imported produce. When it comes to presentation we believe that quality and volume best sells fresh product so we create big visual displays of quality produce.

Our bedding plants are all sourced locally. Our flower displays definitely impress our customers all year round but especially during Christmas, Valentines and Mothers day.

In season our strawberries are grown just 3 miles from our store. Our scallions are delivered daily form a local farm 1 mile away and our loose mushrooms are delivered every day from a local grower all year round.

Last year we started our own pre-packing facility in order to deliver value through the supply chain to our customers. We now have a wide range of sliced diced and prepared vegetables and fruits for the convenience of our customers.

We contract 3 local farmers to produce 80% of our potato crop which we pack in store in our own bags which makes it absolutely clear to our consumers that they are locally grown. We now peel, chip and bag local potatoes on site which has been a big hit with our customers. We also boil and mash local spuds, turnip, carrots and parsnip. we then blast chill them – to sell ready prepared and ready to heat to make life easier for busy consumers.

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